We are a non profit organization who are currently focused on providing educational assistance to the 450+ children living in the Namonuitoes, Chuuk State, Federated States of Micronesia.



The children of Namonuitoes need your help, they live on a island in Micronesia with little to no edecational resources, such as the lack of textbooks, pencils, and school supplies.  Our goal is to provide them an opportunity to obtain an education in English so they may live a better life and acheive their dreams.


We are looking for monetary donations to help support the day to day operations of the Cuthbert Project.  We are also in need of professionals such as English teachers or educators that are passionate about helping the kids of the Namonuitoes.

2016 What have we done?

2016 Delivered additional computers and servers with education programs in September.

Initiated book sharing from Onoun library to the elementary schools on other four islands.

Surveyed the other 4 islands for expansion of the program and recorded Mallox Max for the video.


  • 2007 First Visit to Namonuitoes
  • 2009 Installed Pilot Program
  • 2010 Delivered Four Fiberglass Proas
  • 2011 Grant Recipient
  • 2012 Created a Computer Lab