Where are we


LOCATION: We are in the Federated States of Micronesia, 14 time zones ahead of Washington DC., There are 4 states in the FSM.  Kosrae, is the Eastern most state, next is Pohnpei, the capital of the FSM.  Chuuk State, where we are, is next followed by Yap on the Western end. The Namonuitoes are in the Northwestern Corner of Chuuk State, which is the most populous state.  We are about 130 ocean miles from Weno, the capital of Chuuk, and we have a population of about 1,700
POLITICAL STATUS:  We have a political status known as "Compact of Free Association" with the United States of America which allows us free and unlimited access to the U.S.

THE NAMONUITOES are 5 inhabited islands in one of the largest atolls in Micronesia.  The largest island is Onoun, aka Ulul, and is where the Cuthbert Project was started in 2009 at Northwestern High School, aka Wei Pat.  The other 4 islands are Magar, 40 miles to the north.  Southwest of Magar is Ono, Onori and Pisaras 30 to 40 miles away.  Each of these 4 islands has an elementary school which need everything.

WE HAVE LIVED HERE: in the Namonuitoes for generations where for the most part we live off the land and the sea.  Our major food sources are breadfruit, taro, bananas, squash, papaya, coconuts various melons and of course seafood.  Occasionally we have rice and flour brought in by boat.  All of our fresh water comes, as it always has, from rain.

OUR SOCIETY? Each island has its own hereditary chief as well as an elected mayor and there is a strong social order which goes back centuries.  Our language is Chuukese of which there are several dialects in Chuuk but, our children need to learn English as well.  Our principal source of communication between our islands and the capital is short wave radio.  However, Onoun uses internet provided by the Cuthbert Project.  Transportation is by motorboat, when we have gas, otherwise we use our traditional outrigger canoes which we have used for hundreds of years.      (for additional information and maps you can google:  Federated States of Micronesia and Namonuito Atoll) 





The Namonuitoes, 14 time zones East of Washington DC
On the other side of the International date line.


The distance between Onoun to Magar is about 40 miles, Magar to Pisaras about 40 miles and Pisaras to Onoun about 40 miles.    The Namonuito Atoll, as a triangle is about 40 miles on each side.    The depth of the water in the lagoon averages less than 200 feet in depth.

By Plane, which flies occasionally.

By Boat over the open ocean takes 6 to 12 hours from Weno, the capitol, depending on sea and weather conditions



( Include photo of "Interisland travel)