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We are trying to prepare the students of the Namonuitoes for the world and the 21st Century.  The Namonuitoes have been home to its 1500+ residents for generations.  They live off the land and the sea with occasional support from the State of Chuuk.  As of September, 2016 there were 489 children in school, grades K thru 12 going to dilapidated schools without proper educational supplies.  Sometimes there are no pencils.  As residents of the Federated States of Micronesia they are entitled to free and unlimited access to the United States of America and may be  future residents of the USA.  They need our help.


2007  First visit to the Namonuitoes  was as part of a Rotary International project under R.I. District 2750, building and delivering 1,000 solar stills to about 45 different islands in Micronesia.  These stills, during a drought, can produce 1 gallon of drinking water per day from sea water. Delivery of the solar stills was completed in 2009 and in 2011.


Solar Stills




The European Union installed several solar power generation systems in Chuuk.  Onoun got one system installed at the School



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While delivering the solar stills we saw the photovoltaic power system, which was not being put to full use.  We asked, "what could we do with that much power?"  Our answer was a computer lab. so. . .

We set up a pilot program with laptops equipped with Rosetta Stone English Language software and did testing to measure effectiveness of program.  The test period covered a 90 day period and there was clear evidence that those using the Rosetta Stone software on laptops greatly exceeded the scores of those in the control group.  It was the results of our testing delivered to the U.S. Department of Interior that resulted in our 2011 grant.


  First Students

2010 - Incorporated as a 501 (c)(3)   See "Our organization" for documentation.


2010 - Delivered 4 Fiberglass Proas leading to an increase in traditional canoe building.

Fiberglass Proa

2011 - Grant issued to expand the Cuthbert Project: Based on the results from the pilot program the Cuthbert Project received an $85,000.00 grant to expand the program.   We designed, procured and shipped all items needed to convert abandon classroom into a computer lab.   


- Converted old class room into a computer lab with 25 laptops.    

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Computer Lab Reno  Computer Lab

2013 - Moved a complete library from Guam to Onoun.  Hauled books, prefabricated book shelves and shipped the complete library to Weno and then on to Onoun where the shelves were assembled a the library was set up.

Library 1  Library 2

Library 3  Library 4

Provided equipment to clear airstrip making the island accessible by air for medical evacuation and general bi-weekly flights

Airstrip Clearance 1  Airstrip Clearance 2

2014 Provided additional computers

2015 Provided new modem to reconnect to the satellite provider


2016 - Delivered additional computers and servers with educational programs in September.

Initiated book sharing from the Onoun library to the elementary schools on the other 4 islands.

Surveyed the other 4 islands for expansion of the program and recorded Mallox Max for the video.

2017  Expansion of the Cuthbert Project into the other 4 islands in the Namonuitoes