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Our Organization: "The Cuthbert Project"


Dedicated to bringing the youth of the Namonuitoes into the world and the 21st Century

We are a 501(c)3 organization with a 9 year history of providing assistance to the people of the Namonuitoeoes (go to "Our History") but, we want to expand our area, and level, of educational assistance to the almost 500 school children in the Namonuitoes

In 2011 we received a grant from the United States Department of the Interior which allowed us to make a major infrastructure investment at the High School located on Onoun in 2012 but, otherwise we are funded by very few local private donations.  Just sustaining our limited presence at the High School runs $10s of thousands every year preventing us from reaching out to the elementary schools on the other 4 islands in the Namonuitoes. 

This year through the use of social media we are conducting a major outreach hoping to tell our story and the story of the almost 500 students of the Namonuitoes, hoping to bring them into the world and the 21st Century  through contributions, grants and volunteer teachers.



                           Hagen delivering fresh water solar stills in 2009. 

Part of a Rotary Project of District 2750 headquarted in Tokyo, Japan.  See "Our history" for details


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Father Floren
Father Floren computer pilot program
Cuthbert Project 2009

Hagen at Computer lab opening
Cuthbert Project 2012

T.R. Mori IT specialist
T.R. Mori IT specialist 2016
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Floren Akkin
Floren Akkin a native of the Namonuitoes
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Asterio R. Takesy, a native of the Namonuitoes and a Past Secretary of External Affairs for the Federated States of Micronesia.
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Bill Hagen 2016
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 Cuthbert Utha, the project's first graduate in 2009, is now preparing to attend Guam Community College.