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We need the gift of an education.

Specifically:  We need native English speaking teachers to help our existing teachers and, facilities where they can function.  We need to upgrade our facilities to keep us, and our teachers, out the weather and to get us off the ground and the floor.  We need the basic educational materials like text books and work books and we would really like to learn using 21 century technology which requires power, internet access and computers.  And, we need people to coordinate and direct all of the efforts of this program.

At the high school on Onoun we have made some improvements, which we would like to duplicate on the other 4 islands in the Namonuitoes. 

(See "Our History"  under ABOUT US)

Here are some of the costs we will encounter bringing educational assistance to the students in the Namonuitoes:

Before we can bring in volunteer teachers, each of the 4 Islands need a satellite dish, and modem, plus solar power and batteries to operate the communication equipment.  The buildings for this equipment needs to be upgraded and secure.  Once power is available laptops or tablets can be used to expand the educational experience of the students.  This investment per island can run tens of thousands of dollars.


Student costs for books and other supplies for the almost 500 students easily run $200.00 per year.

Satellite connection fees are several thousand dollars per year.

Inter-island transportation costs

One expense is Logistics/delivery considering the location of the project. (see the video Cuthbert in "Our History")